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2009 Chronos Awards Ballot and Voting

The Continuum Foundation is proud to announce the ballot for the Chronos Awards for excellence in Victorian Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror in 2009. Click on Read More for the ballot and voting procedures.

Best Long Fiction

Morgassa's Folly, Danny Willis and Paul Collins (The Five Mile Press)
Slice of Life, Paul Haines (The Mayne Press)
No Award

Best Short Fiction

Gamer's Quest, George Ivanoff (Ford Street Publishing)
The Sudden Storm, Paul Collins (Picture This #2)
Mother of Champions, Sean McMullen (Interzone #222)
The Spiral Briar, Sean McMullen (Fantasy and Science Fiction April/May 2009)
The Art of the Dragon, Sean McMullen (Fantasy and Science Fiction Aug/Sept 2009)
No Award

Best Artwork

Morgassa's Folly, Danny Willis (The Five Mile Press)
My Extraordinary Life and Death, Grant Gittus (Fort Street Publishing)
No Award

Best Fan Writer

Bruce Gillespie
Felicity Dowker
No Award

Best Fan Artist

Ditmar Jenssen
No Award

Best Fan Publication

Ethel the Aardvark, edited by Murray and Natalie MacLachlan, Sam Rooney (Melbourne Science Fiction Club)
No Award

Best Achievement

The Halloween Clive Barker Chat, Felicity Dowker (AHWA)
No Award

Awards Not Presented

The awards for Best Fan Written Work and Best Fan Artwork are not being presented due to insufficient nominations being received.

Voting Procedure

When completing a ballot, please vote for your first preference in a category by placing a number 1 against it. Further votes in the same category are optional and should be numbered sequentially in order of preference. Voting in all categories is not required.

Completed votes from Continuum 6 members (full or supporting) may be sent by:

1. email to; or
2. post to:
    Chronos Awards Committee
    65A Limestone Ave
    BRADDON ACT 2612

To confirm voting eligibility please include your Continuum 6 : Future Tense membership number or receipt number.

If you are not a member of Continuum 6 but wish to vote for the Chronos Awards, a voting membership is available from the Continuum Foundation for $5. If you are interested in obtaining a voting membership please send an email to for more information. Voting memberships are only available from the Continuum Foundation, please do not contact Continuum 6 about voting memberships.

All votes must be received by Friday 19 February 2010. Late votes will not be considered, late postal votes will be returned to sender unopened. The Chronos Awards Committee is not responsible for any delays in post or mail.

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