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Ballerinas, Motorbikes, and Mechas, Oh My!

As I mentioned when commenting on a recent post by tikiwanderer I've been watching, and enjoying, RideBack (spoiler heavy wikipedia link) recently.

At 12 episodes RideBack is a short series with just enough room for some solid character development against a heavy background of politics and revolution. 

The eponymous RideBacks are a cross between a motorbike and a semi-transforming mecha. As a result they are far more convincing than most mecha as you never have to wonder where certain bits end up in the fully transformed state. In terms of control the RideBacks can also be overly, ah,  responsive.

Enter the main character Ogata Rin who, up until an injury on stage, had spent years from childhood training and performing as a ballerina.

The key word for Rin is kinesthesia and this allows her to transform the twitchy responses of her RideBack Fuego into, well, dance.

It takes a while for Rin to realise this, as does dealing with the events occurring to and around her, but in the end her dance on Fuego is just fabulous.

I can't really say much more without spoiling the story line so I'll just stop here.
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