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Tales of the Arabian Nights

It is early in the morning and I can't sleep so I'm posting this instead.

Earlier today (yesterday?) I played a couple of enjoyable games of Tales of the Arabian Nights (ToAN) with leecetheartist, rdmasters, ariaflame, and a couple of other friends.

Despite this I am not sure that I like ToAN.

A repeated comment during the games was that ToAN is, by design, a capricious game with deliberately bizarre results sometimes.

This can be amusing and even entertaining but could as easily be irritating and frustrating.

For regular consumption I would expect frustration more often than entertainment.

Especially if most games were like my first game or ariaflame's second game...

Overall I think I would call ToAN a mood game: if you have a good group in the right mood then it is worth a shot. Otherwise don't waste your time.


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