arcadiagt5 (arcadiagt5) wrote,

Packed then Panicking then Relaxing

Ok so I worked through my checklist and was packed ready to go. And it was still early afternoon. Feeling very pleased with myself.

And I thought I had been clever reducing everything to the trikebag plus the tailrider that will be my camera bag for the trip.

Better check the rules so I ring Qantas and find out about the 32Kg OHS limit on a single bag with no way to check whether I was over that limit. Having said that a base GT5 is specced at 17Kg plus accessories plus spares/partsplus all the rest of my luggage so it was looking dicey.

OK, so I ask 'What are my options?" as a sense of impending disaster begins in my gut. And I'm told "Australian Air Express".

Ringing AAE boils down to get it to the airport today and it should get there tomorrow. "Should" is not a comforting word at that point in time especially when I'd be paying $80 for the privilege.

Sudden bright idea: since I'd have to head to the airport today anyway maybe I can pre-check the bag and find out if I do need AAE.

Ring Qantas again, pre-checking the day before isn't allowed (security restrictions) but the OHS limit is per bag - can I split it? 

DUH! Colour me embarassed...there's a duffel bag inside the trike bag that I can easily pull out,and I can fit the two Kathmandu packing cells (with the spares, helmet, etc) into that as well.

Problem solved. 

Relaxing somewhat again now... but I'm still nervous enough to be getting there 3 hours early tomorrow morning to make certain that there isn't a problem.

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