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Initial impressions of Stargate: SG1

 I'm currently watching Stargate: SG1 from the beginning (I've never seen it before, haven't seen the original movie either). I'm only up to the second season so far but I'm enjoying it so far.

Among my reasons for appreciating the show is that there have already been examples of the "science" being internally consistent [Aside: I did kind of know this was coming thanks to some enjoyable conversations with dalekboy and shazgirl.

Even better are the examples where the science is being applied consistently enough to be a reasonable approximation of the scientific method. eg "Condition A seemed to cause outcome B X months ago." in one episode might be referenced as "We've just seen an example of X, lets look for evidence of A". In a later episode it might be referenced again as "We need to cause X to happen, how do we reproduce A?"

I'm also liking the balanced representation of multiple disciplines being needed in this sort of exploratory scenario (science and humanities presented as needing to work together is always good in my mind).

The military aspect is less convincing but you can't have everything. And to be honest a realistic military aspect would have been much harder to manage dramatically. After all bigger teams with more variation in ranks means more characters that need to be written for. But... too many characters can be the kiss of death for a TV show (eg: I never actually finished watching the second season of Heroes and haven't bothered getting the third) so the smaller tighter group works better for dramatic purposes.

I may just have to watch another episode tonight and see if the standard keeps up. :)
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