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Riffing on the BOFH: the BBAFH

Over here in dalekboy's LJ the comments have drifted to mentioning the BOFH: the Bastard Operator From Hell.

Like tikiwanderer, its been a while since I've read any of the BOFH but I have, on occasion, been known to refer to myself as the Bastard Business Analyst From Hell. :)

Typical exchange follows:

Me: Hand over business reviewed and signed off requirements spec. "Make it do this."

[time passes while the developer gets his head round the problem]

Developer: "This is going to be difficult to implement."

Me, Response A: "And your point would be...?"
Me, Response B: "How is this is my problem?"
Me, Response C: "And I should care about this because...?"


Developer: "These requirements don't make sense. In fact, the requirements are kind of stupid."
Me: "Very true. Do it anyway."
Developer (with plaintive tone of voice): "But why?"
Me: "Thats what the legislation says. The ways of parliaments are not given to such as we to understand."

All jokes aside, I actually try for a much more collaborative approach with designers/architects/developers. The goal is to get a system that is good enough to do the job, accepted by the business, and well enough designed to support maintenance and enhancements. A confrontational approach just doesn't deliver that. Its my role to identify, clarify, document the business requirements, and make sure that they are achievable within the system: to do that I need to at least understand the headspace that the design/development team are in so that I know the constraints.

But sometimes I get caught between the mineral deposit of an absolute non-negotiable requirement and the unyielding location of technical difficulties. And thats where the jokes come from, sometimes if I don't laugh I'm sure as hell gonna want to cry. :)

Tags: business analysis, musings

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