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6 Random Facts Memey Thing

Since this meme seems to be popular right now:

1. I had a dog once and proved once and for all that I should never, ever, have pets. Its not fair to the animal, and I won't do that.

2. It surprises people, even people that know me well, that I'm left handed. Why this still happens is something of a mystery to me.

3. Red is my favourite colour. Red ones go faster when I'm winning and hide the blood when I'm losing (boardgames that is). :)

4. I have a fear of heights. Its manageable but enough to ensure that I will not jump off, or out of, anything that is perfectly serviceable if I can possibly avoid it. 

5. I like The Gilmore Girls. I think its a really cool series (although season 6 may have jumped the shark).

6. I spent 3 years working and living in different cities. It meant  I was on an airplane once a week. Except when I took the overnight train instead. I never took the bus (shudders at the thought).
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