arcadiagt5 (arcadiagt5) wrote,

Recent Doings

Spent a quiet but very pleasant New Year's Eve with some friends followed by packing and the red eye (the only direct flight from Perth to Canberra) this morning.

I bought a new floor pump (with a pressure gauge that works! Heaven!) and helmet before reassembling the trike so I'll be good to go tomorrow.

I think I managed to nap on the plane but I've been forcing myself to stay awake so that I'll crash at the normal time. Hopefully that will help re-establish my usual sleep patterns. 

So to keep myself awake I've been amusing myself watching anime on the laptop. :)

I will make one addition to my comments on ARIA (see previous post here). You know a series is well written when a single change of expression conveys a significant plot element without any dialogue at all (and I guessed it right, the plot element is discussed in the next episode).

I know that sounds a bit cryptic but I'm trying to avoid spoilers, especially since the episodes in question are 16/17 of the second series.

Tags: anime, friends, reviews

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