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Star Trek


There are a number things that made Star Trek work for me.

First the dynamic of the main three characters was pretty much dead on target. Some of the others less so, but not enough to do any real damage to the film. And I'm confident that those actors will grow into their roles in the sequels.

Second was a clever script that hung together particularly well. Most, if not all, of the key plot elements were suitably justified within the internal continuity of the script - even if it was just a one liner to do it the attention to that detail was there if you were paying attention.

Third the visuals were superb. Expected from Star Trek but always a plus.

But finally, and most importantly, the things that happened mattered. A difference was made. I know I've spoken with some irritation about Trek's big red reset switch before but it just wasn't there this time.

Which is deeply amusing in a film that is by definition a reset of the franchise.
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