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Christmas Greetings and Musings!

First up, merry christmas to all!

One thing I've been discovering over the last few days is that car and bike navigation are very different things.

Knowing a city well enough for one does not set you up for the other, especially with my atrocious sense of direction.  :)

I grew up in Perth, and I can get around easily enough by car.

On the trike I have this embarassing tendency to get lost, or follow less than ideal routes.

On Friday I went to see a good friend* in Ballajura. I rode there in reasonably good time but the route I followed was basically the route I would have chosen if I was driving. Oh I tried to use quieter streets when I could...and when I knew them... but ended up on major roads like Alexander Drive far too often.

Saturday I rode to a games day in East Victoria Park and tried to use the cycle path network that appears to be developing in Perth. It may actually be a good network for those who know it, in which category I do not alas qualify. So I got lost both ways before I realised the problem and reoriented. I'm not too disappointed, the ride along the Mounts Bay Rd cycle path towards UWA is really pretty at night. :)

On Sunday I had a social ride with some other friends*, including the owner of a '95 Greenspeed GTR that I lusted over until I bought my own. We headed out along the cycle paths on the Swan River in East Perth and visited Tranby House. Again a pretty ride and an interesting historical site for early colonial WA.

After that we ended up at rdmasters and leecetheartist's place for a gaming session - the collectible pirates game thats going around at the moment. Mayhem and hilarity ensued wherein my British fleet won the battle (and captured prizes to buy into service) but lost the war (by not recovering a lot of treasure).

Fun game, I might have to buy some packs to develop my own fleet...

Today has been an enjoyably quiet christmas with family, and I hope everyone else has also had a good day. The usual overeating has occurred and I'm feeling a bit sleepy now.

* Generally I won't name the people I deal with in my journal, it seems an invasion of their privacy somehow. I guess this is a matter of personal preference, if it makes me uneasy to name people (other than by linking to their LJ accounts) then I'm better off just referring to them as friends I guess.
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