arcadiagt5 (arcadiagt5) wrote,

Day 23 - West Coast Escape 3 - Haast to Fox Glacier

Deja vu all over again. Except not.

Once again I'm covering the same route in reverse but with better weather.

Although I may be coming down with something - there have been a few minor symptoms and (more importantly) I don't seem to be lasting for more than about 4 1/2 hours ride time.

The initial ride out of Haast is fast and flat and makes for a nice warm up, especially on a warm day like we had today. After that come three climbs leading to Knight Point which is a nice lookout over the Tasman Sea (it is called the West Coast Escape for a reason you know :) ). From there it is a nice ride alternately through forests and/or alongside lakes (Lake Moeraki is the main one IIRC) to the Salmon Farm Cafe for lunch.

From there it was a nice ride to Bruce Bay which is lined with cairns made from the rocks sent down the rivers by glacial run-off. Quite an impressive sight - it looks like tourists have been doing this for years and it is quite a distinctive look. From there I rode a short distance further on and called it a day.

And here are the stats:

 DayMax Average Distance Time BJ Rank  Against
 23 63.7 17.8 81.67 4:35:24 670 4970
   Totals 1104.3 59:40:06  

Of course it does mean that I know what is coming tomorrow...
Tags: cycling, new zealand 2009, supported tours

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