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Day 22 - West Coast Escape 2 - Wanaka to Haast

There is really only one road on the west coast of the South Island. This time I'm travelling it in the opposite direction.

For a start the weather today was just glorious. Which meant that I could actually see the other side of Lake Hawea and then Lake Wanaka as we rode.

Kara and I rode from breakfast because Kara is in training for an Ironman (one seriously fit lady btw) and it was a stretch I wanted to ride having missed it last time. Meanwhile Ingelise caught a lift past the first bits. The lake views were just wonderful, the weather was great, and it was all in all a fabulous ride for the morning until I reached Makarora (about 60Ks all up).

However I was struggling on the hills, much more than usual, and much sooner than usual. On the other hand while the descents weren't that long one of them was steep and straight...

On reaching Makarora I called it a morning and caught a lift to lunch at Cameron Flat, which also had some nice views.

After being lifted to the top of the Haast Pass I started riding down the valley towards Haast. A great ride through fabulous scenery but again I started struggling on even the slight inclines, especially once I got past 90Km or so. Rosco had to wait for the ladies to reach the top of the pass before checking on me so didn't catch me until I'd cleared 100Km. At that point I called it a day and rode in comfort to the hotel.

Congrats to Ingelise for her first century (and change) and Kara for about 150Km.

And now for the usual stats:

 DayMax  AverageDistance  TimeBJ Rank Against 
 22 71.619.2106.54 5:32:33 700 4953
   Totals 1022.63 55:04:42  

Hey, I've just done 1000Km on this tour! Yay me!
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