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Day 5 - Beach to Beech - St Arnaud to Golden Downs and Nelson

A short, fast, glorious ride followed by retail therapy. What's not to like?

The accommodation tonight is in Nelson (with it's own nods in street names to the likes of Hardy, Collingwood, and Trafalgar) and there is a vibrant arts/crafts community there with markets on Saturday/Sunday. Most of the group wanted the opportunity to get to the markets before they shut so a decision was made to drive straight to Nelson after a shortish ride first. The determined riders would have the opportunity to do a longer ride but the bus wouldn't be supporting those riders until the pickup later in the day.

Once I again I rode out directly from the hotel to get the most of the short ride. There were some initial climbs but then the fun began. Photos may be spotty as I tend to keep both hands on the controls when the descents get... interesting. Once again I remind my gentle readers that the appropriate phrase to use here is "exhibiting trike-like tendencies". :)

After some undulating terrain (but mostly down to tell the enjoyable truth) we hit the one nasty hill of the day. An in your granny gear for a solid 20 minutes type of hill followed by a descent where I was responsible and controlled in my handling of the trike. After all I only got to 61KPH so I must have been restraining myself. A few (too few! sniff!) kilometres on from there and we were at the morning tea stop to pack up for the drive to Nelson.

The Nelson markets were interesting but not a lot really grabbed me in a must-buy way. I did get a new belt though and later I visited a sportswear shop to pick up a new rainjacket and a microlight wind shell.

A picnic dinner on a grassy area near the beach rounded out the day.

And now for the boring bit (unless you are actually interested in the stats...)

Day Max Average Distance Time BJ Rank  Against
561.919.434.41:46:09 10204444 
  Totals 269.8215:00:04 

Oh and I've reached the conclusion that NZ hills are bulls that eat my red flags. I lost one last time I was here, I lost a second one on the Lewis Pass a couple of days ago, and a third today.
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