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Tadpole = Hoon. :)

There is a current poll running on 'Bent Rider Online that is asking which type of 'bents people own.

Now given the prevalence of the "N + 1" syndrome amongst cyclists of all stripes* respondents have been selecting more than one response.

Having said that, 90% of the trike responses are for tadpoles (two wheels front) with only 10% for deltas (two wheels back).

In my usual fashion I'm going to submit the completely unsubstantiated theory that tadpoles are preferred for handling at speed.

ie: You can lean into and hoon around corners much faster on the lower tadpoles whilst keeping the centre of gravity inside the triangle of the wheels. 

Oh, did I mention that the Arcadia is a tadpole?

* I only have one trike so the "N + 1" hasn't gotten me yet. Yet. There's a couple I've got my eyes on though...

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