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National Capital Orchestra Season 2007

The NCO is a community orchestra here in Canberra that I quite like. Patrick in the violin section is a good friend and I've been getting to know a number of the other players. 

Patrick has just forwarded the 2007 programme to me so if anyone in Canberra is interested, check beneath the cut.

It turns out I'll be in New Zealand when they do the 1812 with things going Boom! courtesy of Questacon and the Excited Particles. :(

OTOH, I'll be in New Zealand so I think I'll get over it easily enough. :)

Sunday March 4th

Charity Concert

Program to include 1st movement of Beethoven 5, Peter and the Wolf and 1812 overture with explosions from the Excited Particles as part of the Smith Family Open Day at Government House

3pm Sunday May 20th

Llewellyn Hall

Mozart Concerto for 2 pianos

Soloists Geoffrey Lancaster and Suzanne Powell

Beethoven Symphony No 9

with the ANU Choral Society

2 pm Sunday July 22nd

Llewellyn Hall

featuring flautist Sally Walker alumnus of the ANU School of Music currently playing full-time with the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra

2pm Sunday September 23rd

Llewellyn Hall

featuring pianist Anna Veinberg winner of the inaugural NCO concerto prize at the Australian National Eisteddfod

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