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Pirates of the Burley Griffin
A schedule bears the same relationship to reality as Astrology.
7th-Jan-2009 04:23 pm
Open Road!
The NZ tour dates are a touch later than I expected but on the upside mean that I won't be stopping over in Canberra on the way to Swancon.
So, here's where things are so far:

08/03/2009: Canberra to Sydney, Sydney to Christchurch (Jetstar, sigh)
09/03/2009: Recover from Jet Lag & late night by reassembling the Arcadia.
10/03/2009: Hello Southern Explorer! Yay!
04/04/2009: Goodbye Southern Explorer! Boo!
07/04/2009: Christchurch to Sydney (in the comfy chair), Sydney to Perth
14/04/2009: Perth to Sydney (Redeye in the comfy chair)
15/04/2009: Sydney to Canberra (Again in the comfy chair).

Southern Explorer: booked and deposit paid, first large instalment authorised from the card. Ouch!
Flights: Frequent Flyer Points + ~$300 including several legs in Business Class.
Extra Accommodation in Christchurch & for SwanCon: Working on it.

Things are looking good.
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