November 7th, 2008

Open Road!

Is that a ghost?

No, wait, it is just my face in the mirror.

The trainer was supersetting the same muscle groups so I looked a touch pale after the seated row* / upright row combinations. 

*The exercise also known as "click go the shoulder joints, click, click, click". :)

Naughtiness has occurred.

Someone's been hacking Bike Journal. The latest update on the home page is:

"Update 11/6/2008 8:10AM: The database restoration is taking some time, but we also have to re-design the pages to safeguard against this problem in the future, so we're working on that in parallel. Focus will be on the journal pages first. When they are available, the login boxes will return to this page."

Bonus points to the sysadmins for posting updates.