September 19th, 2008

Open Road!

Possible new record...

The numbers aren't up on the official site yet, but there's a post on 'BentRider Online indicating that Sam Whittingham had a run at 82.3 MPH or 132.45 KPH. This may be a new world record and I'll provide more details as they come to hand.

Which, even with strangedave</lj> 's correction last time, is a speeding ticket anywhere in Australia. :)

EDIT 22/09/2008: The numbers are now up: 82.33MPH or 132.50 KPH and marked as a new record pending approval. Congratulations to Sam Whittingham on a superb ride!
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An amusing coincidence

I just read Steven Brust's Jhegaala  (spoilers at this link) and while not the best of the Vlad Taltos series it is still quite amusing. As usual he's been jumping around the sequencing again and this one fits just after Phoenix.

However for a non-spoilery amusing coincidence check out the cover art here and leecetheartist 's userpics here.

And since it is talk like a pirate day: Arrrr!