April 28th, 2008

Open Road!

That old "good news, bad news" routine

First piece of good news: March was a strong month for riding and put me ahead of schedule.
First piece of bad news: April will be a weak month and be about 200Ks short.
Second piece of good news: The 600 or so Ks I'll be riding in the first week or so of May should fix that. :)
Second piece of bad news: My Bikejournal ranking is dropping and as the summer kicks in for the northern hemisphere riders that'll only get worse. 
Final piece of good news: The 6 or 7 100K rides I'm about to do will at least temporarily push me back up the list. Maybe even into the top 10%. I live in hope. :)

And now for a riff on a certain series of credit card ads...

Goretex socks: ~$50
Commuting in the rain and arriving at work wearing sandals with warm dry feet: priceless.

I'm not sure where this quote is from (Billy Connolly?) but "There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing" is all too true. And I have good clothing. :)
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A reason to prefer slicks

I discovered a puncture when I got out to the bike shed to ride home this afternoon. Locating the cause (a thorn about 1cm long) wasn't hard.

The problem was it was located in the recess of the tread and getting the thing out was something of a challenge, and not something that's been a problem with the Scorchers I usually run.

Having said that I'm not necessarily going to go back to the Scorchers, if it turns out that the Marathons wear better for longer I'd have to seriously consider sticking with them. And for winter riding that reflective strip on the sidewall is a really nice touch...
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