October 16th, 2007


Amusing, ironic, and potentially dangerous

My primary lighting system is a Busch and Muller dynamo. Now, the normal issue with a dynamo is that you lose your lights when you stop moving. The B & M compensates for this by giving you two lights for the price of one - a halogen fed by the dynamo and a LED fed by a capacitor (in turn charged by the dynamo) that remains lit (if less brightly) when you stop moving.

Well four lights actually - the dynamo feeds front and back. Oh, and the rear light also meets the legal requirements for a rear red reflector. All in all a nice piece of kit.

Guess which bulb has blown at the front? I now light up when I stop and switch off when I start moving... 

EDIT: Fixed. I had a somewhat damaged spare front light that I salvaged the globe from...
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Dubbing cuts both ways...

The wikipedia page for Maaya Sakamoto* lists her dubbing roles in addition to her roles as an anime voice actress. It's no surprise that an actress as capable as she is would get these roles, the surprise lies in some of the roles she's had. Nothing major, just little things like Padme Amidala and Rose Tyler...

Oh and Eponine** in Les Miserables...

*who among other things played the lead role of Hitomi Kanzaki in the superb Vision Of Escaflowne.
**She also has a gorgeous singing voice.
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