August 11th, 2007

Open Road!

WizWheels TerraTrike Cruiser

The WizWheels TerraTrike Cruiser is an entry level trike priced from $1990. For the obvious reason that it is all I've got I'll be comparing the Cruiser to my own Greenspeed GT5 and this may not be entirely fair to the Cruiser (given that the base price of a GT5 is, ah, rather more than that).

Whilst the Cruiser has its problems, it also has some very nice features that I'm rather impressed by. Sometimes the good and the bad are mixed into the one feature.

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However the design is fundamentally sound and rides well enough with some very impressive design features (especially that adjustable seat) that I liked a lot. I haven't even touched on the upgrade possibilities - something that didn't escape the notice of the editors of 'BentRider Online when they named it one of their "Trikes of the Year" for 2006:

"Trike of the Year, Editor's Choice - Wizwheelz TT Cruiser

No, you're not seeing double. The 700 blew us away mid-year but the economically priced Cruiser has been bringing new riders to the sport in droves all year long. It is by far the best trike ever offered at this price and has a great foundation that should grow right along with the rider's capabilities." 

And I think I'll leave it at that.