August 9th, 2007


Croozer Cargo Trailer

Up until now my solution for grocery shopping has been to strap a milk crate to the top of a pannier and sit most of the groceries in that. This was OK but had several problems.

1. I had to keep a careful eye on how much I was buying as I wouldn't know until got outside if I could load it up. I never actually exceeded the limit but I came nervously close on several occasions.
2. I had to load the pannier and crate very carefully.
3. The way that the checkout staff bagged the items usually didn't match the way I needed to pack.

I've been thinking about trailers for a while so today I borrowed a Croozer Cargo trailer and gave it a test run. And then promptly bought it. :)

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I have photos to accompany this review but LJ is being difficult tonight with uploads so I may add them tomorrow.

EDIT: Some photos beneath this cut

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