August 7th, 2007


Then again...

...maybe something that sounds too good to be true is true. Or is at least close enough for government work. :)

The new frame arrived this morning before Michael had a chance to return it. So, he's rebuilding it this morning and will deliver it some time this afternoon. He'll also lend me a Croozer Cargo trailer to test which should be good, and give me a chance (this weekend hopefully) to test ride the WizWheels so I can give a report to 

leecetheartist and rdmasters.

Coming on top of a very pleasant weekend in Perth - an excellent dinner with friends on Saturday night*, a pleasant walk to/from brunch with leecetheartist and rdmasters, and another excellent dinner with family on Sunday night - I'm pretty pleased with life at the moment.

*Note to foodies in Perth: Krayaharn, a Thai restaurant, at the Marmion Village Shopping Centre on Sheppard Way is excellent, highly recommended. Note to the friends that wouldn't let me pay for my meal: revenge will be mine, and you'll get yours one of these days. :)



Trike back, new frame on, middle ring replaced, all bits rebuilt. 

When I get off work I'll adjust the mirrors etc and go for a ride. 

I'm sooooo looking forward to this. :)

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Open Road!

Yeah Baby! Yeah!

The smooth, silent drive train.

The easy acceleration.

The confidence that I can apply as much torque as I can to the middle ring without the chain slipping.

The clean gear changes up and down the rear cluster

The stupid grin plastered all over my face on the ride home...

The Arcadia is back boys and girls, and she rocks!

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