February 8th, 2007


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Courtesy of fred_mouse

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Sun through the smoke

As mentioned by shazgirl     we recently had a sunset through smoke in the air from bushfires.

I was riding home at the time with camera to hand* and some pictures are beneath the cut. 

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*As is my wont these days. I may not always remember to use the thing but at least it is always there.

UPDATE: I can see the photos but apparently no one else can. I wonder what's going on there...
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Sunset over Black Mountain

The day after the smoke I went on another afternoon distance ride to boost endurance that took me out past

dalekboy and shazgirl where I stopped for a most enjoyable chat.

By the time I left it was getting windy and heading towards night. It looked like we might get some rain but alas it didn't eventuate.

I did a couple of nifty photos of the sun setting over/behind Telstra Tower on Black Mountain and the best (IMO) is beneath the cut.
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