November 28th, 2006


The Circularity of Canberra

As dalekboy  has just discovered, the circular layout of Canberra's roads can be confusing. 

It still catches me on occasion.

I needed to get to a post office yesterday to mail off my registration form for the NZ tour so I left work early and rode off intending to go to the Kingston Post Office which appeared to be the closest to work. 

Of course I didn't get anywhere near it because you have to cross the curves to get there and its just so easy to miss the turn offs. Naturally, I ended up at the Manuka Post Office which was only marginally further away but easier to get to...if you just relax and go with the curves.

Even if I didn't get to where I wanted, I still got to a post office in time so its all good really.

Bumper Stickers

The glorious cycle path network and quiet back roads in Canberra mean that I don't ride in traffic all that often.

There are brief stretches on my daily commute when I do, and I'm finding that bumper stickers are at eye level when I stop behind a car.

The best I've seen for a while was this morning:

"Feminism is the radical notion that women are people."

First reaction: Thats cool. I relate to that as a definition.

Second reaction: Pity it needs the word "radical", "conservative" would be a much cooler world to be living in.