November 14th, 2006

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Do you think there's a connection?

Last week in Canberra the weather was sunny but not too hot. The bike parking at work was crowded.

Yesterday, after rain the night before, there was rain throughout the day. There were almost no bikes parked at work.

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Why I don't read Robert Jordan

Once upon a time lo these many years ago there was a wondrous SF bookshop known as "A Touch of Strange".

This being my mis$pent youth I frequented this shop on a regular basis coming to know many great fen in the process. 

And it did come to pass that the shop received a review copy of the 1st volume of the "Wheel of Time" series by Robert Jordan.

Said copy was then circulated amongst the regulars to read and review. 

In my turn I reported back "Its OK" in a fairly dubious tone of voice. 

Because mine was the best review it received, I got to keep the copy. 

Alarm bells went off in my head at that point, and I've avoided the rest of the series ever since...

It had to happen...

As I mentioned in the bio on my profile I'm something of an anime fan.

One of my favourites is the Leiji Matsumoto film "Arcadia of my youth" which is just so incredibly stylish that you have to forgive its (many) sins of logic and substance.

Sometimes (most of the time?) for Matsumoto style isn't everything, its the only thing.

And this is the anime pirate ship that I named the trike after. Hence the new user pic. :)

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