November 4th, 2006


Joy of a small town :)

Today is the 1st Saturday of the month so the local chapter of OzHPV (see links in the sidebar) have a social ride.

Today we started in Glebe Park and as we were riding out through Civic a good friend Patrick saw me and called out. I couldn't stop but at least I was able to wave and call back. 

Then we rode through North Lyneham to Kaleen and passed by dalekboy's and  shazgirl's place. Seeing their car reminded me of something so I rang them when I got home. :)

Then as we were riding towards Curtin for afternoon tea Karen and Michelle from the Adelaide to Melbourne tour rode by in the other direction and again a passing greeting was exchanged. 

Then it turns out that our hosts for the afternoon tea were having some of the mountain biker club members over for dinner tonight... one of whom is a friend from work. 

I like living in a small town; everyone's connected and you get a sense of community. And thats even allowing for my utterly dreadful memory for names and faces (sorry Mary!). :)

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