arcadiagt5 (arcadiagt5) wrote,

Weekend Wrap

Fairly busy weekend, a belated happy birthday and many thanks to vegetus for organising the picnic and movies.

Friday was the work Christmas function which was fun followed by the movie marathon to mark the closing of Electric Shadows.

28 Days Later was the 1st film which I enjoyed, very cleverly done IMO, but I left about halfway through Nightwatch which wasn't really doing much for me. I was also exhausted (long week) and not overly fond of Alien. 

Even that was enough to leave me with a headache for most of Saturday so I did domestic stuff and hid under the airconditioning as much as possible.

Sunday morning I rode out to Stromlo Forest Park for an informal short (three lap) race around the new criterium track. I set a good pace in the 1st two laps but couldn't keep it up and ended third. No times (informal) but I'm fairly pleased overall. 

Then in the late afternoon was the very enjoyable picnic organised by the lovely vegetus, and which featured some of the best and healthiest food I've ever had at a picnic. :)

After that an early night which I needed.

Tags: cycling, friends, reviews

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