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A pleasant weekend

It was all good basically.

My elder brother drove down from Sydney for the weekend and I had High Tea with them on the Saturday. Only briefly sighted eldest nephew who was actually studying for high school exams.

I don't know about the youth of today, the high level of responsibility shown is just embarrassing. :)

Younger nephew was present a little longer but the sugar was kicking in and the attention span was dropping. I had a pleasant chat with BB and sister-in-law although the noise levels in the Hyatt lobby did make it difficult to follow the conversation sometimes. We both commented on the West Wing-like nature of the US election with some amusement.

Later on there was another video night at my place with the usual suspects. Some Doctor Who ("Boom Town"), and episode 7, "Extraterrestial Girl" of Planetes.

It is difficult and nigh impossible to talk about this episode of Planetes without giving away any spoilers but I'll do my best. "Extraterrestial Girl" is a very subtly nuanced episode where the A & B storylines echo off each other in a fascinating way. Whilst it has a mildly comedic element at one point, this episode is best described as subdued and tending towards tragedy. The emotional resonance is enhanced by the convincing science that the series in general, and this episode in particular, is solidly grounded in.

On Sunday I met BB again at the Kingston markets which was very pleasant and I'll be going back there I think. After that a ride through the wetlands and a quiet afternoon finished the weekend.
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