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A pleasant weekend

No riding other than a groceries run but good company on Saturday and a relaxing solitude today.

WARNING: Links after the cut lead to spoilery wikipedia pages!

earthnative has organised screenings of Doctor Who & related series from the beginning of the Ninth Doctor. We're only up to Father's Day thus far. It has been a most enjoyable experience to not only watch these episodes again but to discuss them in good company.

There is a purely social connection here that I think I've been missing for a while, and it was even more fun to be the host last night. As I'm sure leecetheartist, rdmasters, and I think possbert, will recall I always deeply enjoyed the regular Sunday night sessions at my house before I left Perth. Sometimes it is the loss of those sessions that I miss the most about living in Perth, and I'm really looking forward to next week.

Because we only watch one or two episodes a night (The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances next week, yay!), I've been adding some anime to the mix. I offered a choice the first night (hosted by the lovely razorgirl_au) and Planetes was voted the winner. Planetes has proved to be very popular and I'm enjoying the group's reactions to it.

Inevitably I put on the first episode of ARIA at the end of last night and much "ooh, pretty!" ensued. :)

There are times when I seek challenging reads or new authors. Today was not one of those days. Instead today was a day for the consumption of much tea, some good cheese (a red Leceister), and a familiar, easy book as sun streamed in through the window.

I feel great, and shortly I will seek an early night and a refreshed start to the week.
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