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Not too shabby

A new criterium course has just opened in Canberra and OzHPV were able to use it this morning for a set of timed hot laps (rolling start, timed for one lap).

Nice course, mostly flat, good surface, and some really tight curves.

My time was about 2 minutes 10 seconds for the ~1.3 KM course which I'm quite pleased by.

Assuming my arithmetic has not completely deserted me that works out to about 36KPH.

Hardly earth shattering, but pretty good for a lard arse and it puts an achievable target in view: breaking 2 minutes on that course.

UPDATE 5/12/2006: It turns out that the track is 1200M not 1300M as I thought. My time was 2.09.84 which works out to 33.27KPH. This gives me more room for improvement. :)

Congratulations to Ian Humphries of Flying Furniture Cycles who clocked the fastest time of the day on any bike at 1.31.28 (47.32KPH)!
Tags: cycling, fitness

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