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Is basically my reaction to the Olympics and the World Con in Melbourne in 2010.

I'm going to dodge the Olympics by rewatching Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Thank ghu for DVD players. :)

My reaction to WorldCon is a little more complicated. I really enjoyed AussieCon III in 1999 and I certainly don't have any criticisms of the committee then or the committee now.

But...most of what I enjoyed was the travel to and from Melbourne, the people I was staying with, and a significant career/life event. I spent most of the Convention deciding if I was going to accept a job offer in Melbourne, and leave Perth for the first time (which I did).

Over time my interest in SF Cons has shifted more and more towards gentle socialising over a gaming table. 

It has certainly shifted away from panels about writing and the intricacies of the publishing industry to the extent that I'm not sure that I'll bother with attending the Canberra conventions again. Don't get me wrong, Conflux is a great convention for writers and want-to-be writers but it isn't for me. It is the Natcon so I might but I won't be expecting too much of interest to me.

I'm sure that I'll go to WorldCon, and confident that I'll help out in some way, but at the moment: Meh.
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