arcadiagt5 (arcadiagt5) wrote,

R & R

Aka Riding and Retail (therapy). What were you expecting? :)

After a long work month (160 hours!), a Saturday of not much, a Sunday of not much more, I was feeling like playing a bit on my day off.

After a good session at the gym I had breakfast at Bagels then went shopping.

I've been unhappy with my front lights for a while now - the dynamo is OK and always there - but I wanted more. Well, now I have two lW LEDs mounted on the fairing's cross bar and a helmet light where the battery pack straps to the helmet. Yay.

Plus some liners for my gloves that should improve the insulation on the killer cold mornings I'm expecting in July/Agust, a new light grey* windshell vest (the zip on the old one  is busted), and a black longsleeved windstopper jacket* for walking.

Since it was such a beautiful morning I rode up to Belconnen to see if I could get a long-overdue eye test. Which I could but I'd have to do it in Civic. Since I was up there anyway I enjoyed a ride around Lake Ginninderra then back home. I'll clean up a bit and then head into Civic to get my eyes checked.

*The outdoor clothing companies seem to encourage stealth pedestrians which is one of the reasons I wanted more (and heavier duty) front lighting.
Tags: cycling, fitness, trikes

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