arcadiagt5 (arcadiagt5) wrote,

Hinges, Weather Gods, and Fitness Irony

I've fixed the problem with the fairing so now I can stand up when getting on/off, and given myself more clearance underneath. All good. Also amusing is the extent to which the weather gods continue to mock me. :)

The mounting on the boom is in three pieces, in order of ascending height: a fixed piece strapped to the boom, a hinge, and the T-bar that connects to the perspex. It turned out that the hinge was in the position that pulled the fairing as far back to the seat as possible and also blocked the T-bar from pivoting far enough forward to let me get off easily.

So, remove T-bar, rotate hinge 180 degrees, replace T-bar, voila! And the only tools needed are the allen keys that are always with me anyway. Once I realised what was needed I actually did it in the field in about 5 minutes.

Now as to the mockery of the weather gods, one reason that the fairing went back on was to cut down the wind chill on cold mornings. So, no wind and a quite mild 9 degrees celsius this morning. Apparently it is going to be like this all week. :)

Finally the new personal trainer has me doing some leg work which will probably boost my power in the long term In the short term, trying to put on a power sprint after a session that involved calf raises and leg extensions is an exercise in futility. :)

Tags: cycling, fitness, trikes

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