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I thought I'd invent a LJ Surfing meme. :)

How the game works:

1. Start with the first entry on your friends page that isn't a community or feed.
2. Summarise the post in a single line
3. Move to the his/her friends page and repeat to 5 degrees of separation

1. callistra has just made a superb word count for the day.
2. dalekboy is feeling quotable tonight
3. crankynick didn't seem too impressed by the new Indiana Jones movie (judging by the "meh" although I didn't go behind the cut to find out for certain).
4. strangedave seems to be enjoying eurovision, apparently there are pirates (maybe I should have watched).
5. stephen_dedman is also feeling quotable tonight (these meme things get around). 

No major surprises there but occasionally when I've done this I've ended up in some strange places...
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