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Pirates of the Burley Griffin
A schedule bears the same relationship to reality as Astrology.
Wollongong to Goulburn 
9th-May-2008 04:44 pm
Open Road!
Well that pretty much worked as planned although I'm surprisingly tired this afternoon.

I got up at stupid o'clock in order to cheat by catching the bus to Moss Vale - discussions with other passengers before hand plus some radio on the bus alerted me to the road rage incident mentioned in my last post.

I had breakfast in Moss Vale (part of stupid o'clock involved leaving the hotel before breakfast)  then set off.

A fairly smooth ride with two stops to rest and refuel that got suddenly very hard and tiring on the last leg from Marulan. How is it that Goulburn is always uphill, coming and going?

Still, I got in around threeish and feel much better now.

And now for some belated stats:

Distance: 48.16
Average: 12.69
Time: 3:48:21
Max: 61

Distance: 75.54
Average: 15.02
Time: 5:01:53
Max: 59

Hopefully the 92Ks to Canberra tomorrow won't be quite this hard.
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