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Sydney to Wollongong

Being in all manner of things a comedy of errors and timing.

But first lets back up to yesterday which involved a relaxing morning with family before catching  the train to Sydney for dinner with another aunt and my other brother. I also got to see his family which was also good. There were some minor logistics issues but these were resolved fairly painlessly.

So, after spending the night with my aunt we returned to my brother's place where I'd left the trike overnight prior to driving to Central Station.

Or not: the trike wouldn't fit in his car. Not to worry, we'll book a taxi which duly arrived and then fought its way through peak hour traffic to Central Station.

After reassembing the trike and buying a ticket I headed for the suburban platform serving Sutherland. Now there may well be non-stairs access to that platform... but I couldn't find it.

OK, time for Plan C, which is to head for the country platform and catch the train from there. The upside is that the country trains have fewer stops to Sutherland, the downside is the longer wait for departure (as in buy, read, and finish the newspaper wait).

So I arrive at Sutherland, head for the lift and discover that Sutherland station must have the only train station lift in Sydney that the Arcadia won't fit into. OK, time (11:00AM actually) for Plan D, which is to unload the trike and carry it and the bags up the stairs.

Finally, on my way through the pretty, but very hilly, Royal National Park. Now there were some good bits but overall it was a very slow (and tiring) ride as far as Stanwell Park where I had lunch at about 2:30.

I got to ride over the Seacliff Bridge which is very cool but by the time I reached Scarborough at 3:30 it was time to admit that I wasn't going to make it to Wollongong in time.

OK, time for Plan E which was to catch a train at Scarborough which I duly did and now feel much better after a hot bath at the hotel.

Now to go see if the nice man at reception has come up with a plan A for getting me over the Macquarie Pass that doesn't involve pedaling...
Tags: cycling, unsupported tours

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