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Robertson to Wollongong

Wheeeeee!  Oh, and a good lateral abs workout while I was at it.

I needed to get to Leura in the Blue Mountains today so planned on riding to Wollongong and catching the train from there. This would be a short day - only 50Ks or so.

It turned out that my B&B was almost at the top of the pass so after only a little climb I found myself starting to descend.

And only a very little way after that I found myself on one of the best rollercoaster rides of my life as I screamed down the Macquarie Pass at I don't know how fast. There was one nervy moment when the right wheel lifted for a second but I threw my body weight over and paid even more attention to leaning into the curves after that.

After the twists, turns, and hairpins I came out of the trees into a straight flat leading to an uphill with two other signs telling me it was over: the one telling buses and trucks that it was OK to come out of low gear, the other announcing the return of the 100KPH speed limit.

At that point I pulled over to the side of the road to lose a layer of clothing (suddenly it was warm and sunny) and let the adrenaline settle.

I also wrote down the stats for that first part of the ride:

Distance:  14,28
Average: 32.77KPH !!!!!
Time: 00:26:12
Max: 60KPH

That must be the fastest 15Ks I've ever done in my life. :)

After that I returned to reality with some undulating (ie hilly) terrain alternating with some nice flat bits on the way to Wollongong. Overall about 2 - 2&1/2 hours ride time but I'll edit this post to include the final stats later. I didn't really enjoy some of the city riding and this was just Wollongong not Sydney.

EDIT: And here are the stats for the full ride:
Distance: 47.00
Average: 18.80
Time: 2:30:15
Max: 60

Much as I expected the average dropped pretty sharply after the main descent through the pass.

Once I got to Wollongong I bought a train ticket to Leura ($22.00, pretty good for the distance) and managed to keep the trike unfolded and the luggage on through lifts and one change of trains to Leura.

So now I'm in Leura borrowing my Aunt's internet and waiting for dinner and enjoying catching up with her, a cousin, and my eldest brother. Life is good.
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