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Goulburn to Robertson

A much better day today. Still slow, and still a seemingly endless series of hills*, but I made the distance in reasonably good time.

*According to the signposts at 750m Robertson is higher than Canberra so I've got some justification for feeling that way.

After yesterday's experience I kind of chickened out on the backroads options and went straight up the Hume Highway and then the Illawara Highway. It was a beautiful day for a ride today - clear blue skies and very little wind -  and most of the hills weren't too bad.

There were even occasional flat bits and the country scenery was lovely.

It was quite cold all day though and on the approach to Robertson (the one truly nasty hill of the day) my breath started fogging in the shade.

EDIT 15/04/2009: It was on this approach, about 6Km out of Robertson, that I got the SMS that I had been selected as the fan guest of honour for SwanCon 2010. Sweet!

The final approach to the hotel (a manor converted to a B&B) was a bit rude though: a cattle grate, a 45* slope, and speed bumps! But now I'm sitting at the dinner table waiting for my main with a jug of water and hot chocolate on tap so its all good.

The stats:

Distance: 97.86Ks
Average Speed: 15.28
Time: 6:24:22
Max Speed: 61

Gotta go, my bangers and mash just got here.:)
Tags: cycling, unsupported tours

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