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I picked up one of the Asus eees yesterday. My thinking is that this would be an ideal touring device as it is:

a. small and therefore packable into a regular pannier;
b. solid state and therefore less subject to shock;
c. cheap and therefore less of an issue if something does go wrong.

I got one of the display units which was good for a 10% discount and I was able to clear out all the "Myer" junk by restoring the factory settings on a bootup (OK, yes, I admit it, I read the manual). This also let me set a user name and password which seemed like a good idea to me.

At some stage I'll acquire the largest SD card I can lay my hands on to serve as the wee beasties portable hard drive.

Now the only barrier to touring use is getting my Bigpond internet connection set up which is a problem with at least two parts.

The first being acquisition of a portable PCMCIA reader so that I can use the existing modem.

The second being how to make it work with Linux which I've just met for the first time.

I don't want to switch it to Windows XP as I think learning at least something about Linux will be good for me. However I may need help from my friends to solve this without throwing the thing across the room.
Tags: cycling, friends, musings, unsupported tours

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