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In other news...

Went for a slightly wet (well, moist air) ride this morning and bought some thicker jerseys for winter riding. Also stopped in at the local games shop after lunch to buy many Wings of War bits, including some WWI miniatures and the WWII version.

The WWII version is very different, the two are entirely incompatible as they've effectively rescaled the entire game to the new speed(s). Speaking of which some of the maneuver cards now have two end points, depending on whether you're at high speed or low speed. I haven't played it yet but this may act as a deterrent to the Immelman as you have to be at high speed before and end at low speed after...

Whilst I was building my impressive stack of bits to buy I commented to a friend that "I've got a credit card and I'm not afraid to use it." The shop assistant behind me who was rearranging the shelves of Mind Games at the time then piped up with "Is that a pick up line? It is for people in retail!" :)
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