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Its Raining! Wah!

It was supposed to be an outdoor wedding dammit! There is a contingency plan but I was so hoping for the couple's sake that it wouldn't be needed.

I've also spent the last couple of days making sure that I wouldn't be sick today - no riding*, resting inside, lots of hot drinks - so that I'm up for my best man duties. I'm still taking a pack of strepsils along anyway just in case something does start happening to my throat.

Last night spent chatting, eating pizza, and playing computer games with the groom and other friends. Well, I played 10 pin bowling with a Wii and enjoyed watching many people play Guitar Hero on an X-Box. I rapidly observed that Guitar Hero requires far too much hand eye coordination & reflexes for me.

*I'll worry about my riding quota for April later.

Tags: fitness, friends, musings

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