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A pleasant day, and life thy name is irony

Went for a ride today with some friends at a relaxed pace.

We stopped for a morning tea in Northbridge (Lemon Meringue, mmmmm) and rode past a sculpture walk in East Perth which was very pretty. This brought us down to the river where there was a wooden boats festival on today which had some really nice models (among other things) and a sailboat that strongly reminded me of Swallows and Amazons.

Then onto Swan River (always a pleasant place to ride) which led us to the Da Vinci exhibition that has been set up near the Bell Tower which was certainly worth looking at. I will confess to a degree of suspicion regarding the bicycle drawing and reconstruction in the exhibition. The other drawings for Da Vinci's machines, particularly the flying machines, reflect the design sensibilities of the time which the bicycle doesn't. I'm not saying that Da Vinci wasn't a genius, he certainly was, but there's just too much in this one design to be credible to me. Particularly when the flying machines were supported by considerable experimentation and a shift (presumably driven by that experimentation) in Da Vinci's approach from powered flight to gliding. It seems that the wikipedia history of the bicycle supports this, as does this page.

We had lunch in Leederville then it was time to ride home.

Because of certain, ah, issues with my bike computer I've been pulling it off the trike whenever I stop for the last couple of days so I can write down the trip figures. Naturally, obviously because I've been so paranoid, it has performed flawlessly...

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