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Remembering Mumfan

The recent award of the Marge Hughes Award to rdmasters and leecetheartist, and especially the text of cheshirenoir's beautiful speech has brought many memories flooding back.

I met Mumfan.

I met her at my first SwanCon.

I needed to.

Cast your mind back to SwanCon 11. My father has just died, it is the first SwanCon I've ever been to, I don't know anybody, and I'm there to escape the gloom and grief at home.

Picture a lonely, awkward, nerd: grieving and not really knowing how to handle it. And that was when Mumfan found me and talked to me, right when I needed it most. I don't remember what she said, I only remember the soul and that I needed it right then.

If anyone else has any stories of Mumfan that they'd like to share, I'd certainly like to read them.

(Also posted to Swancon)

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