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In Perth!

Well I've made it to Perth and will recommission the Arcadia later this morning. Then it will be off to the hotel later today I think.

Getting here last night involved a series of minor dramas some of which I could have done without.

The first came when I tried to fold the trike for packing and it wouldn't. Fold that is. A paniced phone call later and I found out that when the frame was replaced, Greenspeed had slipped in a new feature. Previously I would release the quick release, drop it out of the hinge,and it would fold. Now I have to pull the quick release to the side to disengage the final lock - a nice safety feature but disconcerting when you don't know about it and you are expecting a taxi in a couple of hours.

Next was packing itself in such a way that would be manageable at the airport and enable me to go riding with panniers etc. I got it done but it was an interesting exercise in 3D jigsaw puzzles. 

Did I say that I was expecting a taxi in two hours? Make that three and a half. NOT impressed.

Finally the Qantas Club was out of lime juice and couldn't make me a Lemon Lime and Bitters. Boo!

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