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HMAS Sydney

Thanks to baby_elvis for the heads up on this: the wreck of HMAS Sydney (II) has been found.

I hope the families of the fallen can now find closure but...

....Sometimes I get very tired of the obsession with the HMAS Sydney. I don't want to lessen the tragedy but it always seems to drown out or hide the other stories of the Royal Australian Navy that also deserve, indeed need, to be remembered.

Not many people seem to remember that many of the RAN's other cruisers also met with a nasty fate in WWII. HMAS Canberra was lost at the Battle of Savo Island, HMAS Perth went down fighting (hard) in the Sunda Strait (and many of her survivors later died as POWs), HMAS Australia (II) held the (admittedly dubious) distinction of the most kamikaze hits taken by any ship.

There are so many stories of the RAN in WWII that should be heard more often, such as Edward (Teddy) Sheean's and I have to admit I'm hoping that these stories will get told more often in future. The RAN's section of the WWII Roll of Honour at the Australian War Memorial tells a grim tale indeed and HMAS Sydney is only part of it.
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