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That was odd...

I rode to Fyshwick yesterday to buy a couple of jerseys* and had a very sudden flat tyre as I came off the road into the parking lot. The rear tyre naturally.

So after buying the jerseys I sat down on the pavement to change the tyre. One of the first things you do in this situation is check the tyre and remove whatever it is that punctured the tube. When mounting a tyre it is a good idea to line up the valve with something distinctive on the tyre (the Scorcher TR label in my case) so that the hole in the tube gives you a clue as to where the problem will be in the tyre.

Only this time it didn't help - I couldn't find anything in the tyre where tube had been holed. In a fit of paranoia I checked the entire inside of the tyre. Still nothing. So I had another look at the tube and I don't think it was a puncture, or a pinch, at all. I think it split along the seam which is the first time I've seen that happen.

As for mounting the tyre I'm definitely getting better at getting the tyre on to the rims. I only needed the tyre levers to get the tyre off, and it went back on using only my thumbs remarkably quickly. But don't ask about getting the wheel back on to the trike. Accept that it happened and leave it at that. 

*There's a bicycle clothing shop that sells brightly coloured, long sleeved, full zip jerseys for $50. The ironic thing about them is that these have only a discreet logo of the manufacturer and are much cheaper than the jerseys that are plastered with advertising.
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