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Pottery, Pizza, and a path less travelled

Rode out to Gundaroo with a friend this morning and we stopped on the way at a pottery gallery which had some really nice bits. After that we had guilt free pizza at the Cork Street Cafe*

A different route home led us to a stretch of the old Federal Highway which had no traffic to speak of. It was almost like a private cycle path.

I'll do a longer ride report later but right now I need to log my 86Ks on bike journal, stretch, and shower.

EDIT 28/1 : Some more below the cut, photos to come.

The run up from Acton Ferry Terminal to Northbourne Ave and then to the Federal Highway was smooth and fast. Even the long climb out of Canberra seemed to go much better than the last time I did this trip - exactly a year ago as it happens. We stopped off at the gallery because we had plenty of time to do so before making it to Gundaroo for a reasonable lunch hour.

The gallery was fascinating - the anagama woodfired kiln was enormous and Ian Jones was kind enough to let me take photos.

The pottery is in the grounds of an old church with an abandoned cemetery - Ian does what he can to maintain the grounds but it still struck me as sad that there are probably hundreds of cemeteries just like this that no one remembers anymore.

One thing I did notice this time was that everything was much greener. I'm not going to say green but at least it wasn't as oppressively brown as it was then.

*Defined as any pizza at least 40Ks away by pedal power. :)
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