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Clips, Cleats, scratches and a frog.

Just before Christmas I bought a new set of pedals that would enable me to ride safely in normal shoes whenever I needed or wanted to. As mentioned previously I needed to salvage the toe clips from my first set of pedals before upgrading from the second set to the third set just bought. I've just done the upgrade and there are a couple of images behind the cut.



I also removed the fairing for summer today - it had been bouncing around a bit and the mounting on the boom didn't look right anyway. The rubber that kept the metal clear of the boom had slipped so I've got some nasty scratches in my beautiful red powdercoat. Sniff. Boo! :(

Michael from Fuse Recumbents was gave me a hand with the pedals (I don't have a thin enough wrench to get at the cranks) and he'll bring some touchup paint next week. Yay! Michael was here to drop off the frog, er, Anura that I'll be reviewing in detail over the coming week. As a teaser there's an image of my GT5 and the Anura after the cut. 

Tags: cycling, reviews, test rides, trikes

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