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Mount Pleasant

As some of you will know Mount Pleasant on the grounds of Duntoon RMC/ADFA is notable as the burial place of General Bridges (the only Gallipoli casualty to be returned to Australia) and as the site of the Artillery memorial. The views from up there are superb, its well worth visiting.

One amusing aspect was that one of the 42 pounders that formed part of the memorial seemed to be trained on the American Eagle (commonly referred to as "Bugs Bunny" and about the only truly kitschy memorial in Canberra) in Field Marshall Blamey Square. Or at least it used to be...the Artillery Memorial is currently being restored and all the guns have gone away for a while. :(

Another noteworthy point occurs on the ride up the tightly spiralling road. There's a point where you see a couple of red arrows at right angles to the road pointing straight down the steep hillside: the Duntroon cross country course must get real interesting at that point.

Of course the best bit is the ride down and back through the ADFA grounds. :)
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